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Robinson Memorial Hospital


The Robinson Memorial Hospital was opened in 1933, a gift from Samuel Robinson of Philadelphia to the people of Ballymoney and district in memory of his parents Samuel and Margaret Megaw Robinson of Culcrum, Cloughmills.

In 1948 the hospital was integrated into the National Health and Social Services trust who became responsible for the running of the hospital to provide certain essential services to the community. The hospital is now being used by GPs throughout the Causeway Trust.

Adjacent to the hospital is the Ballymoney Health Centre which accommodates two general practices together with a range of community health services. The Centre has created a unique site for the district.

Today the function of the board of the Robinson Memorial Hospital, Ballymoney (Incorporated) is to hold and manage the endowments gifted by Samuel Robinson and pass the income into the Northern Health and Social Care Trust so that it may be appropriately used for the Robinson Hospital.

The Robinson board of trustees (a registered charity) have about £4.5 million under investment and take a keen interest in the strategic development of the hospital and the site. The Robinson Board maintain a constructive dialogue with the Trust and endeavor to cooperate in partnership with them, where possible, to enhance the site for the benefit of the community.

The Robinson Board believe it is important to have the support of a strong and growing association to demonstrate the community’s commitment to the hospital.





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Samuel Robinson

1865 - 1958

"To few men in this life is given the means to build a hospital and to still fewer is given the impulse to part with a large sum of money for the benefit of his fellows"

Sentiments expressed by Mr. Hugh McCurdy Hamilton - hospital opening 1933.


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