21 Newal Road, Ballymoney. BT53 6HB  
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Child Development Centre 

Tel. 028 2766 0330

Fax. 028 2766 0323



The centre is also used as a meeting place for voluntary agencies, parent support groups, teaching seminars and staff study days.


The Child Development Centre occupies the former maternity wing at the Robinson Hospital. The centre focuses on the needs of children and is a resource centre for all children with chronic health disorders, disability or special needs.

The centre provides the focus for a coordinated multi-disciplinary team approach to diagnosis, assessment and management. It brings together health, social and education services in the provision of care and information for parents and children. The centre provides a vital link between hospital and community, thus avoiding the fragmentation of local services.

The Community Paediatric Medical team offers assessment of any child who may have problems with development, behaviour, education or general health issues. Children who require assessment of Special Educational needs and those who have difficulties at school are also seen at the centre. There is also a specific assessment process available for children suspected of having an Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Our team of community paediatricians continues to be Dr. Carolyn McCandless, Dr. Heather Jack and Dr. Ruth Sutherland.

Multi Disciplinary Team

Many children with Special Needs see a number of professionals in different places. This is often difficult and confusing for families. Services may overlap or gaps may exist. The Multi Disciplinary Team for any child is made up of a number of Professionals including those already involved with the family. It aims to work in partnership with the family to provide information about the child's condition and the services available, both from within the local Trust and also from voluntary or outside agencies.

Multi Disciplinary Clinic

Members of the team meet with the family and any support person to establish a clear view of each child's needs, and agree a plan for the future. A key worker is nominated, usually the professional working most closely with the family at that time, to provide an ongoing link between the team and the family.



Deirdre Walsh, Consultant Community Paediatrician within the Causeway locality retired after 20 years of dedicated service to children with disabilities in March 2018. 


Members of the Multi Disciplinary Team

Consultant Paediatrician & Community Medical Team, Health Visitor, Physiotherapist, Speech & Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Dietetics, Community Paediatric Nursing, Social Worker, Educational Psychologist, Pre-school Teacher, Administrative Staff