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Palliative Care




Relatives Room


Throughout the UK the scope of Palliative Care is increasing. In the Robinson Hospital, existing as not only an NHS hospital but also as a charitable institution, our main objective is "to promote enhance improve and extend the provision of Palliative Care services to patients suffering from life threatening progressive conditions, for the benefit of such patients and their families throughout our community..."

The Robinson has a high reputation for providing Palliative Care both locally and more widely throughout Northern & Southern Ireland. It was recognised in 2000 by a "Partnership in Caring" report for the Northern Board as being a key provider of in-patient palliative care.

The Robinson Hospital staff demonstrate commitment, skill and compassion. There is a human warmth about the service of bringing comfort to people who are dying and to their families and those who care about them. The Robinson environment differs from that of an acute hospital - a difference much appreciated by patients and families who express high levels of satisfaction with the service provided - not least exemplified by the contribution to the Palliative Care Fund within the hospital.

The site has been enhanced by the NI Hospice Daycare Service & Community nursing teams who are now located in the Community Hub at the Robinson Hospital.

Ward philosophy ensures that the environment is friendly and informal while care is delivered to the highest quality. Patient choice is respected, independence encouraged and family & friends made to feel welcome and involved. The ward supports unrestricted visiting by close carers and there is a relative’s bedroom, which also has a small kitchen, for use if a family carer wishes to stay overnight.

Palliative care patients are admitted for short term assessment and treatment of symptoms, palliative rehabilitation and for end of life care where the patient’s needs cannot be met at home. Patients are transferred from local and regional hospitals and are admitted from home by the patient’s GP: they are cared for by the ward nursing team led by Sister Joanne Montgomery, and the medical team which is made up of local GPs. They are supported in their care by the advice and support of the Macmillan Consultant in Palliative Care and the Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Nurses

Palliative Care Fund

Patients, families and friends have been generous in the past with gifts or donations to our Palliative Care Fund.

All have found great peace and comfort knowing loved ones have received such special care in familiar local surroundings when they need it most.

The fund is a ring-fenced source of finance excluseively used to enhance the provision of palliative care in the Robinson.

As it is vitally important  to our locality that palliative care continues to be provided at the Robinson site, giving to this fund helps improve patients’ and families’ experience and keeps the service embedded in our hospital.

A gift in your will could make a tremendous difference to the provision of Palliative Care here for the future.