Ballymoney Health Centre

The decision to build a Health Centre adjoining the Robinson Hospital was taken in 1965 by the Robinson Memorial Hospital Committee. The concept  was to develop, on this site, a totally integrated Hospital, General Practitioner, and Community Health & Welfare Services for the district, by providing:

- GP suites for the two Ballymoney practices; Ballymoney Family Practice and Drs Fannin, Hutchinson & Boyd

- Accommodation for Health & Welfare Clinics

- Diagnostic and Library facilities for all the doctors & staff of the hospital

- Lecture Hall facilities for clinical or public health meetings etc.

In addition to the doctors accommodation there are also District Nurses, Health Visitors & Community Midwives on site. The health Centre has evolved into a multidisciplinary unit serving the needs of over 20,000 people. Combining both practices and nurse appointments there are in the region of 64,000 attendances per year.

What does this service involve?

What does this service involve?



Clinics can help with wound dressings, blood samples, travel vaccines & advice, blood pressure checks, health promotion advice, minor injury treatments and various other medical services.

Community Dental Clinic

The Community Dental Service is dedicated to treating patients with who are unable to attend a General Dental Practitioner. The reasons for this could include a physical or learning disability, a significant medical condition, or a dental phobia.

Speech & Language Therapy

The Children's' Community Speech and Language Therapy Service provides assessment, advice and treatment for children with a range of speech , language and communication difficulties. A team of Speech and Language Therapists  run daily clinics.

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Family Planning


Speech & Language Therapy

Community Dental

Children's Ophthalmic Clinic

Orthoptic & Sight

Parent Craft Classes

Diabetic Clinic
Cervical Smear Clinic

Asthma Clinic

Immunisation Clinics

Baby Clinic

Health Visiting